with online payment options, calculated rate payments, and high level of customisations

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  • Logo redesign
  • The project is for the computer store, and it is built with custom code with all the options for e-commerce store.
  • Custom baner positions, controlled from admin panel
  • Most visited categories custom scroller
  • Visually appealing and clean organized menu
  • Category filtering, by customer preference
  • Shopping steps
  • Wholesale connectivity
  • 3 type of payment options
  • Product search by customer preference

What makes it so convenient?

Highly scalable

No matter what are your requirments we can adapt, expand and optimize our system to best meet your needs.

Wholesale connectivity

Connect with wholesale system in your country, and fill in content automatically. You can always customize the content if you need to.

b2b connectivity

Make your own wholesale, and connect to your customers with platform that supports billing, ordering, custom pricing, notifications...

Service tracking system

Your customer will have insight of the progress of the product that is serviced, notification, and history.

What you can do?

  • Custom shape banners

    e-commerce ProStudio
  • Servicing system

    e-commerce ProStudio
  • Bank rate calculator

    e-commerce ProStudio
  • Product configurator

    e-commerce ProStudio

Customize your product appearance

And stand out from the crowd

e-commerce ProStudio e-commerce ProStudio
We bore you with this list
    Standard packgage
  • Design ready for any device
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited categories
  • CMS - Control your platform from anywhere
  • Support
  • Payment gateway
  • Reports
  • Banner upload
  • Product slider control
  • Baner sliders control
  • Publish news for better SEO
  • Add, and edit all pages
  • Automaticaly SEO optimisation
  • Product search
  • Sticky menus (glued to the top on page scroll)
  • Category filtering (by brand, product characteristics, price range)
  • Product configurator
  • 2 price setup
  • Action buttons
  • Similar products
  • XML, CVS, Ecell... product import
  • Backup
  • Product analitics
  • Customer ordering options
  • Payment gateways
  • Quick signup
  • Sucess purchase client notification
  • Stock control
  • Multiple language support
  • SSL
  • VPS hosting
  • Chat system
    Next level pack
  • Planned with multiple meetings
  • Wireframing (rought element placement)
  • Unique design that follows your branding
  • Custom icons, and graphic elements all drawn in vectors
  • Custom coding for fastest loading and easy future upgrade
  • Image translation in WEP format for faster loading time
  • Fast and realiable servers with NVMe SSD
  • Unfinished purchase reminders
  • Signup with phone number or 2 factor authentification
  • Upsale in the ordering steps
  • Upsale products in detail product view
  • Customize product search view and results
  • Customized filtering
  • Product configurator
  • Customer service tracking system
  • Multiple prices setup depending of the chriteria
  • Montly rate calculator (bank)
  • Inhouse rate calculator
  • Popup notifications
  • Full with stripe notifications
  • Edit image on upload (crop, rotate, resize)
  • B2B connectivity
    Boost your sales
  • Upsale system during shopping process
  • Product suggestion based on the previous purchase
  • Best seller section
  • Recent viewed products
  • Tracking
  • Multiple prices posibility based on your preference
  • Rate calculation based on inputs, and loand source
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • Content writting for better SEO
  • Google marketing
    Boost your sales
  • B2B system connected to e-commerce database, and core system DB
  • Connectivity with delivery app for tracking, and shipment creation
  • Service system for clients to track product status
  • Connectivity with our ligh accounting software
e-commerce ProStudio
Tailor made solutions What does it mean?
  • It means that we are not using open source solutions that are ready made, but our own developed for years
  • Custom code is written specificaly for your needs like a tailor suit
  • That means there is no unnecessary code, or plugins that you don’t need, but creates bugs, or slows down rendering time
  • You can upgrade system at any time, without limitations
  • Images are optimized in a newest technology, and they contribute significantly to the loading speed
  • It is much more secure, and hacking proof
Technologies that we use
e-commerce ProStudio e-commerce ProStudio e-commerce ProStudio e-commerce ProStudio e-commerce ProStudio e-commerce ProStudio e-commerce ProStudio e-commerce ProStudio